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Technical English

Pre-Entry Level courses

Technical English

The Pre-Entry Level Technical English course is specially designed to help future trainees to access the Technician courses delivered in the English language.

5 days


Pre-Entry Level Self-Assessment

Customers can benefit from a free online Self-Assessment in order to make sure that the language requirements are met by all learners.

It is necessary to have an account on the Learner Portal in order to access these modules.


This training concerns technicians who do not have sufficient English knowledge in speaking, reading and writing in order to understand the technical training delivered by AHTS in English.

The following requirements have to be met in order to register for the training:

  • Have completed the online English self-assessment test

  • Have achieved a score over 30 but under 45

  • Have achieved a score over 45 but feel uncertain of the capacity to follow the course in English

    The chapters taught in theory will be the language and vocabulary necessary to communicate on the following subjects:

  • The Helicopter Exterior

  • Units & Measurement

  • Maintenance Vocabulary

  • Procedures

  • Work cards

  • Tools

  • Damage & Repairs

  • Shapes & Location

  • Safety Precautions

  • Opposites & Prefixes

  • Helicopter Interior

  • Materials for Construction

  • Avionic Systems

  • Helicopter Axis

  • Mechanical Systems