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SAR/Maintenance Check Flight

Pilot training

Search & Rescue

The Search and Rescue (SAR) systems course provides pilots a consistent training based on the procedures to be applied during Search and Rescue (SAR) missions on a helicopter equipped with SAR optional equipment, SAR AFCS upper modes and FMS.

3-4 days


Search & Rescue

This document describes programs of initial and conversion to type (CTT) onshore hoist operations training courses for pilots.

Initial training course aims to deliver the mission capability; or when trainees are already mission capable on another type of helicopter and need to be trained on a new helicopter for the onshore hoist mission. The course is called conversion to type.

These programs are valid for any aircraft. When the aircraft is fitted with the AFCS hover mode the use of this mode is included with no additional training item when applicable.

Note: This course may be combined with our Hoist Operator training – Type conversion.


Flight Crew

Applicants must:

  • Hold a pilot license issued by NAAs or equivalent

  • Hold a current valid medical certificate

  • Hold a valid type rating on the variant

  • Have previous SAR experience (CTT)

  • In addition, the pilot shall:

  • Be able to prove a minimum experience of 100 flight hours as helicopter pilot,

  • Be able to prove a minimum experience of 20 flight hours as helicopter pilot on the type or have a valid instructor qualification on the type.

  • Hoist Operator

    A qualified Hoist Operator is needed for the flight instruction (AHTS may provide a Hoist Operator for this course)

    Note: Additional prerequisites could be required according to aircraft type


    Theoretical Instructions

  • Technical aspects (hoist, ICS, cabin)

  • Flight capabilities impact of hoist installation

  • Hoist mission specificities

  • Weather conditions at the HHO site

  • Hazards

  • Procedures and phraseology

  • Mission preparation

  • Aircraft pre-flight inspection

  • PIC responsibilities

  • Pilot in function duty and responsibility

  • Piloting technics (over land / water / boat)

  • Procedures and phraseology

  • Emergency procedures

  • Practical Instructions

  • Familiarization – onshore – clear area

  • Normal and emergency operation – onshore – various

  • Consolidation flight operations – onshore – precision various areas

  • Note: This training is customized according to aircraft configuration and equipped devices. Please refer to the relevant syllabus to have more details on instructional flight.


    After successful course completion, the trainee will be awarded an AHTS certificate.


    Search & Rescue

    Maintenance Check Flight

    The Maintenance Check Flight course provides knowledge and proficiency to perform technical flight with safety and efficiency, in accordance with the Airbus Helicopters Maintenance Manual and Flight Manual.

    1 week


    Maintenance Check Flight



  • Hold a valid type rating on the corresponding type of aircraft

  • Be capable of reading and understanding the official maintenance documentation, and have the ability to write and communicate in comprehensive English, to prevent any misunderstanding. Otherwise, an English interpreter must attend the course (additional cost).

  • An English test is available on the Learner Portal, free of charge for the customer (strongly recommended).


    (Course duration for AS 365, H 155, AS 332 C/C1/C1e L/L1/L1e, AS 332 L2, H 225: 5 days)


  • Load/ Balance and Performance

  • Flight management

  • Rotor balancing

  • Flight Manual – Chapter 8

  • T 21 acceptance flight

  • Aircraft maintenance manual

  • Engine maintenance manual

  • Rotor balancing

  • Engine power check (Auto/Manual)

  • Flight Manual – Chapter 8

    After successful course completion, the trainee will be awarded an AHTS certificate.


    Maintenance Check Flight