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Study Helicopters Theory wherever you want

We have been working hard to provide our customers with the best way to keep their high-level training on during this particular period. We currently offer digital solutions to follow courses and keep effective and live interaction with instructors.
A great opportunity to experience a different way of learning and to keep student's skills updated from their own space.
The practice sessions will be held in a near future after the beginning of the theory classes.

Feel free to keep in touch with our account team to get some more information about Distance Learning options.

Our premises in Marignane are still open with adaptations to the circumstances.
Our training teams are here to support customers during this time. We’ve implemented with attention the necessary health and safety precautions to keep students and instructors safe.

Class attendees number have been reduced to ensure physical distancing is maintained and necessary protections are provided.

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What does Distance Learning mean?

Basically, it's a way of studying in which you do not attend physically a course but study from where you live in your own environment, in the comfort of your bubble.

Distance Learning is more than just an e-learning method.

E-learning is a way to learn online without being in direct contact or interacting with a teacher.

This is the difference with Distance learning which is exactly as a physical course with a daily and live interaction with instructors. Trainees experience courses in the same circumstances as a physical class. In a learning process, it's essential to be able to exchange and interact. This is the reason why at AHTS, we especially pay attention to this centerpiece.

Attendees receive a guide to create the perfect environment for their learning and the whole course materials prior to the first course meeting. Students are in constant contact with instructors.

Airbus Helicopters Training Services provides the highest level of training to the pilots and maintenance technicians who operate our products.

Our high-standard Distance Learning courses have been approved by the European authorities EASA.

"Frederic managed to create great relationships
during the class with and between students"

Frederic Trapp, AHTS' maintenance instructor ran recently a H125 familiarization session to Erwann and Bertrand. "We really appreciated this training with permanent interactivity. The course helped us to familiarize with the H125 aircraft, it was exactly what we were expecting as we took a closer look to each part of the machine without any restrictions. Thanks to Frederic's sharp knowledge and long operational experience, we learnt a lot. The course material is clear and excellent; it is an easy tool to follow the instructor’s explanation.

The organization beforehand was good. We received a link to the material and to AHTS platform one week in advance, which has been handy.

Frederic’s superior teaching managed to create great relationships during the class with and between students.

Virtual Learning, an innovative experience with several advantages

This new way of learning fully uses the amazing chance to nowadays get advanced technologies and system available and has several advantages for trainees and companies:

  • By reducing transport and accomodation costs while interactivity is strongly encouraged to clone the benefits of presential sessions for students with working groups in constant collaboration.

  • By allowing students to get availability after their courses.

  • Erwann and Bertrand have kind words for the AHTS' team who worked hard to make things happened:
    "Thank you again to our instructor and the entire crew at Airbus Helicopters Training Services for allowing us to follow this exciting session during the lockdown, we have limited the Covid’s effects on our business."

    "It saves me time for travel and costs"

    By taking advantage of new opportunities, Airbus Helicopters Training Services endeavours to offer an even wider range to their customers adapting to their own constraints and keeping in mind direct contact and teaching excellence.

    Ruben, who attended earlier this month a H125 Generalities course in Distance Learning from Germany, reported: "I appreciate the distance course and told Fred that it saves me Time for travel and costs. The class was great, I never felt uncomfortable". Reuben shares his opinion: "I would prefer all the time distance learning not only during lockdown. I think it is a great opportunity."

    Our training team can answer your questions