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Airbus Helicopters Training Services (AHTS) is a global leader in the helicopter training industry. With more than 50 years of excellence, Airbus Helicopters Training Services provide the most comprehensive and professional training to its pilot and technician customers with a standard of aeronautical courses corresponding to worldwide regulations and military requirements.


More than 50.000 Pilots, Avionic and Mechanic specialists have been trained at AHTS. Last year, more than 2.100 trainees followed our standard or operational courses and are currently flying the world's most advanced helicopters safely and with the optimum operational efficiency.
The following key success factors guarantee the best helicopter training worldwide:

  • Full-Spectrum training plan with both aircraft and simulator training

  • Technical competence and educational expertise

  • Efficient computerised instruction means

  • Hands-on practical tasks performed on full size helicopters or specially designed mockups

  • Fully equipped facilities composing a highly competitive environment
  • Our Values


    Safety is the top priority for AHTS, in perfect cohesion with the safety policy of Airbus.
    As part of its commitment to improving aviation safety, AHTS provides an extensive range of training services: from initial familiarization to mission-focused training, which prepares flight personnel and maintenance crew for real-world situations.

    Safety is the top priority for AHTS, in perfect cohesion with the safety policy of Airbus.

    AHTS takes an active part in the objectives for global improvement in safety by taking daily actions to reduce the risks associated to its activities.

    To guarantee the highest level of safety, each member of staff must take an active role in the prevention of incidents and accidents. Thus enabling the company to benefit from their experience in the interests of continuous improvement.

    Our principal objective is “zero accident”.

    Our second objective is to achieve excellence in passing our knowledge down to the customers of Airbus following the international rules and regulations. Thus, our customers and partners can deploy their aircraft under the highest safety and quality standards.

    Finally, our third objective is to strengthen the safety and quality message we communicate by being even more transparent and constructive within AHTS and beyond.

    Airbus Helicopters Training Services has always been at the peak of innovation. This strategy is engraved across our Quality system which adheres to the requirements of the EN 9100, and AQAP 2110.

    AHTS has voluntarily set up a Safety Management System (SMS) well in anticipation of regulation requirements. This SMS through an identification and management of risks approach has enabled to further increase our level of safety and quality.



    For AHTS, Innovation means training with the latest technologies
    To ensure customers have access to world-class training, AHTS continues to make significant investments in procedural training devices, computer-aided training and e-learning systems.

    For AHTS, Innovation means training with the latest technologies through the balance of theoretical and practical training, all together leading to excellence.

    Classroom courses are efficiently combined with digital learning tools (Online customer portal, distance learning modules or videos, iPads etc.). Trainees can acquire theoretical knowledge in the best possible conditions.

    Practical training combines the most interactive ways of learning: simulators, computer aided training, tasks on real size helicopters and on specifically designed mockups as well as specific workshops.


    AHTS is proud of the quality of its training which meets the following international standards
    With the highest standard qualification on every Airbus helicopter produced in France, AHTS is proud of the quality of its training which meets the following international standards:
  • EASA Part 147 for Technician courses

  • EASA Part FCL for Pilot courses

  • EN 9100 & AQAP 2100

  • Safety Management System



    Each Airbus helicopter has different mission and each customer has a different objective. AHTS has developed an extensive range of training services with an offer tailored to the most specific needs
    Our H care programme will be soon available with pre-entry level, standard and specialised courses.

    Our Team


    The quality of our training is insured by a dynamic team of 80 pilot and maintenance instructors with an average experience of 28 years and a strong civil & military background.

    Our instructors have four basic missions:
  • Transfer their expertise and adapt their course to each customer

  • Train customer crew to handle the most advanced technologies in the safest conditions

  • Keep up with a constantly changing regulatory environment

  • Offer customers the most appropriate training material

  • Join us! Share our passion for helicopters by joining our team of experts!


    All our courses are available in the English and French language. A free English Test is available, developed by AHTS to evaluate your knowledge in technical English.

    For specific needs, AHTS can book an interpreter in a large variety of languages.

    For more information on courses with interpreters, please contact your Contract Manager.

    Welcome Reception

     the Welcome Team assists trainees from their registration to their departure
    To ensure the training is delivered in the best possible conditions, the Welcome Team assists trainees from their registration until their departure.

    Some of the services the Welcome Team provides are for example:
  • Transportation arrangements

  • Registration

  • Visa Procedures

  • Hotel/Villa booking

  • Customer Assistance


    Sales Department

    Our Sales department will be pleased to help you find the most suitable training offer.

    For all requests related to our training offer, please contact

    Contract Department

    All contractual aspects of your training will be dealt with by a Contract Manager.

    For all requests related to your contract, please contact

    Quality and Safety Department

    To ensure that the full training offer is in line with the highest international standards, our dedicated Quality and Safety department manages every action related to training procedures, material, examination or security.
    For further information on our quality procedures, please contact your Contract or Sales Manager.