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The Pre-Entry-level training (PELT or Bridge) courses are designed for ab-initio pilots or pilots who need updated information to join a new helicopter Type Rating. The scope of the bridge course could be adjusted according to pilots’ background, their experience and previous qualifications.


Pre-Entry Level Training

It is recommended to join a Pre-Entry-level training to recover the required level (Altimetry, Turbine, Modern Avionics, Dual engine philosophy, MCC…) and to perform the type rating course in the best conditions. The Bridge courses have different durations according to subjects, trainees’ background and goals for the planned conversion to type course.
Thsse programs are valid for any aircraft, and could be customized for each customer. The PELT course is planned the week or days prior to the Type Rating course.


Applicants must:
  • Hold a valid ATPL, CPL, or PPL

  • AND
  • Hold a valid medical certificate

  • AND
  • Be able to prove a minimum recent experience of 5 flight hours as a helicopter Pilot in Command (PIC) within the last 12 months

  • To evaluate your aptitudes to join the course, an Aeronautical English test is available on the Learner Portal, free of charge for the customer.


    Theoretical and Practical Instructions

  • Altimetry refresh course

  • New avionics concept

  • Turbine technology

  • Dual engine helicopter

  • MCC

  • Rotary Wing course (managers)

  • Important notice: Non-exhaustive list, course content can be adjusted upon request.


    After successful course completion, the trainee will be awarded an AHTS diploma.


    Pre-Entry Level Training