Approvals and Standardization

Under the Airbus Helicopters Quality Department, our global quality management policy is a key factor in our organization to deploy our processes and focus on Safety and Excellence. Airbus Helicopters Training Services (AHTS) is proud of its Internal Quality Culture, based on both European and overseas agreements.

Consequently, AHTS has set up an internal Quality & Safety culture based on:

  • An integral certified Airbus Helicopters Training Services Management system implemented under EN9100 / AQAP2110 Quality standard since June 2007
  • Approved Training Organization (ATO – EASA PART ORA) & Maintenance Training Organization (MTO – EASA PART 147) approved on European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) standard.

AHTS is fully committed to adopting sustainable environmental business practices and has been certified ISO14001.


Adopting a safety and improvement policy, AHTS is evolving with the application of the Safety Management System (SMS) since 2009.
AHTS, already an IHST member, acts proactively and implements all the necessary measures to establish a secure training and working environment.

A global requirement from 2012 for the aviation industry, the SMS, constitutes a process for the internal reporting and analysing of hazards, incidents or accidents. The goal is the assumption of corrective actions to prevent the recurrence of those risks.

Safety Management System is another quality asset for AHTS, guaranteeing the implementation of our values and a very comprehensive training offer.

Safety Management System Crucial Factors
Airbus Helicopters Training Services General Manager’s Commitment




AHTS has received recognition from worldwide airworthiness authorities, ensuring our customers with the most rigorous standards for safety and flight-readiness.

At AHTS, you will acquire top-ranked helicopter training, recognized globally by the most rigorous airworthiness authorities. The training provided by our company constitutes a reference of safety and profound knowledge for the aviation industry.



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